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    Thinking about joining the team?

    Thinking about some volunteer work? Would you like to help us to create plugins to help others? Very good, we like your interest! Thanks in advance for reading this.

    How can I be a team member?
    If you send us a mail at (or via our contact form) with some information we may give you a chance, but give us the following information:

    • - What function would you like to have? Are you a great developer or are you a person who has awesome ideas? If you're a developer: show us a small project you ever did. If you're a thinker: give us the best idea you know.
    • - First and last name
    • - Age
    • - If you want to be a developer, did you ever created a MyBB plugin and do you think you are available to help us whenever we ask you to help?
    • - If you want to be a developer?
    • - Tell us some information about yourself
    • - Tell us why YOU are the person we need?
    • - Would you like to tell us anything else?

    By joining the team you have to agree that you are always ready to help us with plugins and there will be a copyright of UA-Plugins on every plugin, not your own name. Since it is visible on the team page who helps us, we will not put your copyright on a plugin.

    Do I get paid?
    No, we are sorry but we don't get paid too.. We use the money that we receive of the donations for things we can use for our plugins! For example if we create one big awesome plugin, we have to buy with that money a server etc. We never use the money for our selves since we could use it to help others!