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    Hey! Do you want more plugins from UA-Plugins?! Glad to hear that, but you have to understand that we sometimes need money to pay for our webhosting packets or servers. With this money we will also make bigger projects, to make your forum better!

    This money... Do I give you a payout?
    No, absolutely not! We will rent servers if we have to, with those servers we can create huge and international projects. We can connect forums to our plugins, and to the server. Helping other forums with our plugins, are the most greatest things we can imagine! Don't forget we volunteer here, we do everything for you and don't take any cent for ourselves.

    How much do you ask?
    We want you to decide the donation. We do not give any price, just imagine how much effort we put in these projects and how you could help us to make huge projects and pay for all the costs we have.

    Press the button below to donate. Thanks in advance!

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