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    Let's talk about who is behind UA-Plugins

    UA-Plugins was an idea of Jasper Vriends and Leon Vazdzihan, also a creator from UA-Plugins, to create custom plugins. The plugins we made were actually for our own forum: DevNL/BE (Dutch) but then the idea came: share the plugins with the other forums and help them to make their forums better. It all started with the 'Messages plugin', we knew it wasn't a good name for a plugin, so we named it 'UA Messages', wherefrom UA stands for UA-Plugins. At that moment, everything started.

    What kind of plugins does UA create?
    "If you explain it, we can create it." We create small plugins, which are great for your forum. Those plugins will always be useful, easy and great. There are until now no limitations about what we do so any idea is welcome. At this moment, we simply create random stuff. Sent us your idea.

    For what stands the 'UA'?
    It actually means 'Ultimate Action', when you explain your idea we'll do everything to make it as great as possible. It is also easy to remember in all the languages since MyBB is international.

    Thank you for choosing for UA-Plugins!